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Port Charlotte Services

Sealcoating | Naples, Florida | Paramount Asphalt SealCoating
Paving and Patching | Naples, Florida | Paramount Asphalt SealCoating
Crack Filling | Naples, Florida | Paramount Asphalt SealCoating
Concrete Sealing | Naples, Florida | Paramount Asphalt SealCoating


Sealing cracks in the asphalt with a rubberized bond adhesive that moves with the pavement to prevent water intrusion.


Applied to a concrete surface to protect it from surface damage, corrosion and staining. It also helps reduce the absorption of water in your concrete.

line striping Port Charlotte
Bollards Port Charlotte


An emulsifying liquid that is applied to your asphalt to protect it from oxidation, water damage and cracking, traffic and the sun's harmful UV rays.


The process of applying Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) to a road or driveway in order to provide a smooth surface for traffic as well as a leveled and graded surface for parking and water drainage.


The application of traffic paint to a parking lot or road in order to help direct traffic or establish parking stalls.


A short post that is designed to identify a specific location or area or direct traffic away from certain areas in order to make traffic flow more efficient.

Curb Painting Port Charlotte
Asphalt milling Port Charlotte


Ensuring a level base with a specified slope when laying new asphalt in parking lots, driveways and roadways.


The process of removing either part of, or the full depth of asphalt to create a level and smooth surface.

Car Stop Installation | Naples, Florida | Paramount Asphalt SealCoating
Thermoplastic Port Charlotte


Includes complete painting of car stops in any color requested to help designate parking spaces for consumers or residents.


The application of a specialized plastic, that when heated, turns into a liquid and when cooled, leaves behind a reflective line of painted plastic on roadways to ensure the safety of motor vehicles.

Whether you require commercial or residential asphalt work, don't hesitate to contact Paramount Asphalt Sealcoating Corporation today. Discover firsthand why they have earned the reputation as the best in the business in Port Charlotte and Sarasota, FL. Experience their unrivaled services and witness the perfect amalgamation of expertise, innovation, and dedication to excellence.

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